Anarchy Reigns - Baron
"You best not be steppin' to me, motherfucker!"


Blacker Baron


Cyborg/Fire element







Killer Weapon

Super Sexy Fists of Fire

The Blacker Baron (黒く バロン) is a character in Anarchy Reigns. He makes his way into Anarchy offering help to the highest bidder. He and his assistant Mathilda often find themselves in fights, and Blacker Baron is always after one.

His signature feature is his gold fists, which are referred to as the "Super Sexy Fists of Fire", so named because they can be activated, releasing an eagle motif on the wrists and a cloak of flame.

Role in the StoryEdit

Black sideEdit

The Blacker Baron is a bounty hunter who specializes in bringing marks back dead. He has a long history with Jack and considers him to be his only rival. The cybernetic arms the Baron uses spontaneously generate flame, which he can control at will. His partner Mathilda teases him constantly.

The Baron uses a variety of punches based on boxing techniques, as well as illegal moves like headbutts - something he seems to enjoy a little too much. Unrepentantly egocentric, he enjoys talking smack almost as much as he loves the ladies. The Baron has even been known to refer to himself as "your favorite pimp's favorite pimp's pimp."


Baron is extremely egotistical, making himself out to be the best, but will stop to help Jack when he truly needs it. In addition, he was aware of Stela and how hard her death was on Jack, implying the two have some sort of understanding between them.


Blacker Baron has a history as a bounty hunter and is known to have been constantly at odds with Jack. Noted for bringing back all his marks dead.

Blacker Baron is said to not be the same character as the original Black Baron.[1][2][3][4] His black skin color is his natural one, opposed to Black Baron's blackface.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

Blacker Baron is known for his cockiness, arrogance, speed and strength. He, like Jack, is a partial cyborg. His hands are the only robotic portion of his body. He acquired them off a 'pyromaniac sex-freak', and the history of the hand's owner is left ambiguous.


  • "You best not be steppin' to me, motherfucker!" - Baron's first taunt.
  • "I'm the Blacker Baron, bitch!" - Baron's second taunt.
  • "Oh, I like to end things in blood, blood." - Baron's third taunt.
  • "The big money minus the business suit." - Baron's fourth taunt.
  • "Hehe, never slippin" - Baron's fifth taunt.
  • "We don't get ridiculed, we get rid of fools!" - After Selecting Baron
  • "It's a celebration bitches!" Baron winning an online match


  • Baron shares the same first name as Baron Von Twirlenkiller from Mad World.
  • Baron was voiced by Arif S. Kinchen in the English version and Wataru Takagi in the Japanese version
  • Baron's "Super Sexy Fists of Fire" bare a striking resemblence to rapper Ghostface Killah's golden eagle bracelet . Given Ghostface's rap persona as a powerful criminal lord and pimp, this was likely intentional.
  • Baron's gold teeth with "Fuck you" written across them are presumably a reference to Baracuda from the Punisher comic series, who has the same.
  • Baron's winning an online match quote is a reference to Jeanne's chapter end quote from Bayonetta when the player acquires a pure platinum rank at the end of a chapter.




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