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Durga (ドゥルガー) is a playable character in Anarchy Reigns. Once a ruthless mercenary, Durga lost nearly the entire right half of his body in battle. After augmenting his ruined flesh with cybernetic enhancements, he teamed up with a former comrade named Garuda. Together they seek out a living as bounty hunters. To him, work is work, he will track and execute any target, be it man, woman, or child. Usually rude, psychotic, and violent, He becomes a cold and calculating killing machine in the midst of combat. Possessing naturally superb musculature, as well as phenomenal agility, Durga fights with a preference for kicking techniques - complemented by a customized cybernetic leg capable of transforming into a cannon.

Role in the StoryEdit

White SideEdit

Durga can be first seen during the opening, sitting on a billiard table while observing Leo (in a manner similar to Big Bull). He later encounters Leo again in Altambra, openly admiring his high-tech BPS gear before fighting. After losing the fight, Durga admitted he was impressed, but claimed Leo needed more practice and remarked that "the hologram man was ten times the fighter [he] was". Quickly coming to the conclusion that he was talking about Max; Leo, Sasha and Nikolai's old mentor. Leo asked if Durga knew his whereabouts, but he ran off after claiming they would meet again.

True to his word, Durga later returns. This time with his partner Garuda in tow. At first he stands atop of Garuda's flight form while firing missiles at Leo. After Leo throws back a certain number of missiles, the bounty hunter duo lands on top of a nearby sky scraper and provokes Leo to follow them. At this point Sasha appears and aids Leo in the fight. They are both seemingly killed off at the end of the battle.


Durga is shown to be frequently rude, and exceptionally violent. He is completely merciless, which makes him a powerful bounty-hunter and mercenary. He also seems to have a delusional sense of invincibility and omnipotence.


Durga used to be a regular human working as a mercenary, until he lost almost half of his body in combat. He was fitted with cybernetic limbs and parts, and started to work as a bounty-hunter with a former comrade, Garuda.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

Durga has a slight advantage over most characters. His Killer Weapon is ranged, and he's capable of dealing high damage at a short to medium range with his Revolver Cannon. He is also capable of firing multiple shots in quick succession. Expert players can tie this in to a simple combo, causing the opponent to lose a lot of health, and even knock them away. Durga's normal attacks are quick, but weak. Big Bull and Garuda are his weakness. A simple body slam from Big Bull can take away up half his health. Durga is best used as a support, and should avoid bigger characters at all cost.

Durga is also a potent character in Cage Match/Deathmatch. Since his Killer Weapon is ranged, like Gargoyle, he can knock enemies away before using the Revolver Cannon to take large chunks of health off most enemies. Fighting large characters is not advised, and if you come about a Garuda, Douglas, Big Bull, or even Oinkie, you should not use Durga because of his fragile nature and weak normal combos.


  • "Stand there, it's an easier shot." Durga's first taunt
  • "I am invincible!" Durga's second taunt
  • "Bleed for me baby." Durga's third taunt
  • "I want to see you scream." Durga's fourth taunt
  • "This is incredible! I love when it happens!" Durga's victory chant


  • Durga's name is the same as that of a Hindu Goddess, it can be translated to "the invincible", which is what Durga has a delusion of being.
  • Durga killed his old partner and later on had his memories transferred into a standard issue Gargoyle robot, who is now known as Garuda
  • Durga was voiced by Sunil Malhotra in the English version and Takumi Yamazaki in the Japanese version
  • Durga's victory animation in multiplayer mode is unique to him. No other character shares his victory animation
  • With the exception of the Team-Up Attack, Durga's attacks consists solely of kicks, knee strikes and other leg attack
  • Durga's mechanical leg and its appearance is a reference to the weapon 'Durga' in Bayonetta. The mechanical leg is catlike and can fired from thus referencing Bayonetta's Durga perfume look (cat costume) and her ability to wield weapons on her feet.


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