Fei Rin
Anarchy Reigns - Feirin
"Me? You want me?"


Fei Rin


Human/Ice element




1.7m / 5'6"


45kg / 99lbs

Killer Weapon


Fei Rin (飛凛) is the eldest sister in the trio of sibling assassins trained since infancy. Making ample use of her feminine charms, Fei Rin specializes in male assassination; the number of hapless, would-be Lotharios who have fallen prey to her deadly wiles cannot even be guessed at. Despite this skill, Fei Rin is less than responsible and more than happy to leave "the boring stuff" to her younger sister. She fights with a transformable lance known as Zilong, or "Purple Dragon."

Role in the StoryEdit

White Side During Sasha, Leo and Nikolai's search for Max in Hong Long, Fei Rin is shown along with Ai Rin on one of the rooftops enjoying a quiet night with her sister. While Leo and Sasha are exploring, the two Rin sisters managed to spot the two and confront them.

After a brief conversation it is quickly evident that the two sisters are against the two BPS operatives, with Fei calling them "government mechanical pig-dogs" as well as uncivilised. Ai Rin and Fei Rin then strike and engage in battle with Leo and Sasha.

After the fight Fei and Ai lose but Sasha reveals that they have spared their lives and with that the two should take the opportunity to leave. Fei knows that they are no match for the two in their current state. However, Ai Rin, unable to take a loss, was still ready fight but before she could do so Fei takes her off by force. Leo and Sasha watch as Fei Rin drags her little sister away.


Extremely flirtatious, conceited and rather irresponsible, however, she cares for her younger sister.


  • "Don't worry, I'll be gentle." - Fei's first taunt
  • "Better run home to mama now." - Fei's second taunt
  • "You're sweet and sour dead!" - Fei's third taunt
  • "I've got no time for your games." - Fei's fourth taunt
  • "Me? You want me?" - Fei's character select
  • "Maybe I went too easy on them!" Fei's victory chant
  • "Hehehe!" Fei's chant when coming within the top spots in a game mode
  • "Not my best effort..." Fei's quote when not being placed within the top spots
  • "I still have more to learn..." Fei's second quote when not being placed within the top spots
  • "Take that" another mokery of fei


  • Fei Rin was voiced by Stephanie Sheh in the English version and Hitomi Nabatame in the Japanese version.
  • Fei Rin is shown with a purple butterfuly lollipop (as seen in the picture gallery). This is reference to the Purple Magic Butterfly Lollipop that Bayonetta can use in the game to restore magic.


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