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2 (Years since memory transfer. Age of Death: 28)





Killer Weapon

Tornado Drills

Garuda (ガルダ) is a playable character in Anarchy Reigns. Technically speaking, Garuda is a dead man. After being killed in action, his severed head was smuggled by fellow mercenary Durga to a cybernetics hospital. There, Garuda's memories were hastily copied onto a memory chip. For better or worse, the dead man was resurrected, his consciousness transferred into a mass-produced Gargoyle robot. Garuda's combat abilities are essentially identical to other AI-controlled Gargoyles, save for a pair of drill equipped cybernetic arms customized for close-quarters combat.

Role in the StoryEdit

Garuda and Durga team up to fight Leo. Durga stood on Garuda's jet form and fired missiles at Leo. However, Leo threw them back, and the two bounty hunters landed on a nearby roof. Leo pursued, and fought them with help from Sasha. Eventually, both Durga and Garuda were killed.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

Its KW-L attack is a three-hit combo at maximum, but one of Garuda's most strategic attacks is his KW-Lunge attack. Not only can it be charged while moving (use Camera Control to aim), it covers more ground than its KW-H attack.

Upon reaching dash speed, Garuda transforms into a jet that can be ridden by team mates to allow Garuda to fire a set of twin machine guns.

Garuda has a useful Grab ability that is also able to grab up to two characters at once, making him useful for crowd control.

Garuda is incredible statistically, but is cursed by a large hitbox leaving him very vulnerable to KW-H attacks. His dodge move travels along the floor in a jet assisted slide which is still open to attacks, and he suffers in maneuverability.


  • Garuda shares similarities with MadWorld boss Baron Von Twirlenkiller.
  • Out of all the playable characters (exluding Bayonetta) Garuda and Douglas have the shortest screen time in the Campaign Mode, both of them appearing in just one mission each in the White Side campaign.
  • Garuda was voiced by Chris Edgerly.
  • Garuda is a relatively mute character, with his only "line" being his death cry. He also lacks a Japanese voice actor, making him completely silent in the Japanese version.


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