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Sega (NA/PAL)
Spike (JP)


Shigenori Nishikawa


Atsushi Inaba
Christopher Kaminski
Jun Yoshino


Yasumi Matsuno
Jean Pierre Kellams
Ken Pontac
Warren Graff


Naoto Tanaka



Release dates

March 10, 2009 (NA)
March 20, 2009 (EU)
March 26, 2009 (AUS)
Feburary 10, 2010 (JP)


Beat 'em up



MadWorld (マッドワールド) is an action game released for the Wii console in 2009. The game sees the protagonist, Jack Cayman, as a contestant on a reality TV show Deathwatch. Jack is not there just to compete; he's there to find out who is behind the gory show. The game was notable for its gory and Sin City-esque black-and-white art style.

Connections to Anarchy ReignsEdit

MadWorld is relevant to Anarchy Reigns as it is a spiritual predecessor, being the basis for the world depicted in Anarchy Reigns. It should be noted it is likely not the same universe, due to the appearance of some characters in Anarchy Reigns that were viciously mutilated beyond repair in MadWorld, such as Rin Rin and the Black Baron. It is even less of an idea that the Black Baron and the Blacker Baron are the same, due to differences in skin tone (Black Baron wore blackface makeup, while the Blacker Baron is naturally African-American) and voice (the Black Baron was voiced by Reno Wilson while the Blacker Baron is voiced by the higher-pitched Arif S. Kinchen).

Many of the gory effects depicted in MadWorld are turned down in Anarchy Reigns. The viciously realistic blood splatter of MadWorld is replaced with emanating waves of red-tipped black for human character kills, while the death of the game's innumerable low-level enemies sees them dissolve in a vicious blue effervescence. Bodies can still be cut in half long ways or across the middle depending on if Killer Weapon attacks have been used.

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