A co-op mode similar to Survival in which you race against time to beat ten rounds and keep your team alive. Although it is similar to Survival to defeat each enemy in the rounds, this mode only has five rounds but instead of facing mutants, killseekers, and cybrid Joe's, you are also faced with the in-game characters (such as Mathilda, Jack, Zero, Bayonetta) as the opponents. Each round and area have different people asociated with each matchup.

Beer Street; Round One (1): Notorious Bounty Hunters; facing Jack, Baron, and Durga.

Round Two (2) Robot Allies; Big Bull, Gargoyle, and Garuda.

Round Three (3) Mutant Paradise; Oinkie, with two Mutants.

Round Four (4) Sexy Dynamite; Bayonetta, Sasha, Mathilda, Fei Rin

Round Five (5) Item Mastery; Zero, Douglas, Garuda, with four ninja drones. As this is the last fight within this stage/mode, this will be the most difficult one. Garuda contains a shield with a rocket launcher, Zero also contains a shild but, has a sniper rifle last; Douglas contains a sheild with incinerating grenades.

Oil Drill; Round one (1): Pirates Life; Douglas, Max, and Jack.

Round Two (2): Three Meatheads: Oinkie, Big Bull, and Garuda.

Round Three (3): Absolute Zero: Sasha, Fei Rin, with four cryo-killseekers.

Round Four (4): MadWorld: Mathilda, Baron, Rin Rin, and Jack. All four fighters will appear in black and white!

Round five (5): Cybrid Arts: Leo, with five cybrid Joe's.

Jinlong Square; Round one (1): Crimson Dragon: Rin Rin, Fei Rin, Ai Rin.

Round Two (2): Sacred Pledge: Baron, Jack, and Big Bull.

Round Three (3): Team Poison: Bayonetta, Oinkie, and Zero.

Round Four (4): Long Range Attackers: Durga, Gargoyle, with three laser drones.

Round Five (5): BPS: Max, Leo, Nikoli, Sasha, with four drones, and two flying drones.

Ruins; Round one(1) : Strike One: Nikoli, Leo, Sasha.

Round Two (2): Good Lookin' Guys: Leo, Durga, Zero.

Round three (3): Fire Dancers: Rin Rin, Baron, with four pyrokillseekers.

Round four (4): Infernal Demons: Bayonetta, with three super mutants. Be careful, when Bayonetta blows the infernal kiss, she gains a power-up and her attacks become stronger.

Round five (5): This is Madness!: Nikoli, two Gargoyles, and Cthulhu. (Nikoli and Gargoyle have a powerful shield, in which it will take the entire rampage gauge to get through their shield.)

Station; Round one (1): Mad fighters: Max, Durga, Ai Rin.

Round two (2): Killer Weapons: Douglas, Zero, Durga.

Round three (3): The Shockers: Mathilda, Nikoli, Ai Rin

Round Four (4): Gang War: Oinkie, Big Bull, Two Pyro killseekers, three stun rod killseeekers, and two flame bat killseekers.

Round Five (5): King Of Kings: Three Bar Bots, with two Max's.

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