Anarchy Reigns - Mathilda
"Uhuh! Ahahahaha!"








1.88m / 6'2"


188kg / 414lbs.

Killer Weapon

Iron Maiden

Mathilda (マティルダ) is a character in Anarchy Reigns and MadWorld, in Anarchy Reigns she appears as Baron's personal assistant. Her Killer Weapon; Iron Maiden is actually a collapsible whip that transforms into a giant spiked bat. While dormant, it serves as a decoration on her suit, almost like a stylish belt. She is one of a few recurring character from MadWorld along with Jack Cayman.

Role in the StoryEdit

Mathilda is a character on the Black Side.


Mathilda is both flirtatious and brutal, with little mercy.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

Unlike Sasha, Mathilda has few qualms about getting right into the fight, her moves are full and acrobatic as opposed to quick and light. However, like Sasha, she has a three hit H-H-H combo perfect for guard testing and quick damage output. Her KW-L is a four-hit combo. Her Lunging Attack has a very good range making it useful against low range characters. Her Killer Weapon dishes out large amount of damage.


  • "Hahaha!" - Mathilda's first taunt.
  • "Aahaha!" Mathilda's second taunt
  • "Ahaaa!" - Mathilda's third taunt.
  • "Eheeeeh" - Mathilda's Fourth taunt.
  • "Careful, yo! Somethin's comin' down on us!" - Mathilda warning Jack and Baron of a crash landing plane approaching them.


  • In the English version of the game all of Mathilda's taunts consist of laughs or giggling however her Japanese taunts consist of actual dialogue.
  • Mathilda was voiced by Masasa Moyo in the English version and Mari Malta in the Japanese version


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