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    Merger Proposal

    March 17, 2014 by

    As we know, we love Anarchy Reigns, but we also love Platinum Games in general, for they made Anarchy Reigns. Now, we will one day reach a point when we run out of things to write about on Anarchy Reigns, but Platinum Games is still around and just as good as ever. For this, I propose that we think about merging wikis with

    I haven't spoken to any of the admins there yet, but, it really doesn't look in a great state, but this would mean we could get a lot more information for Anarchy Reigns as well, letting us cover Bayonetta and MadWorld in greater detail so we can get a much greater backstory of the characters which appear in those games. If we look at this: http://platinumgames.wikia…

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