I want to try to help out as much as I can but I don't have a whole lot of information on this game. All I know is that this game has 2 main campaign sides and a third after you have beaten one side. I know a bit about the characters and such but not much else

Here's some questions:

  • What is a "Side"?
    • What is the "White Side"?
    • What is the "Black Side"?
    • What is the "Red Side"?
    • What consists of a "Side"?
    • What goes on in it?
    • What is the significant differences between the sides and what happens in each of them?
  • What are the difficulty settings?
  • Are there any sort of walkthroughs?
  • Are there any notes in the game about the characters, places or events?
  • Are there any collectibles of sorts?
  • What is the Bureau of Public Safety?
  • What are the achievements/trophies?
  • Are enemies in different classes?
  • What are Killer Weapons?
  • Does every character have a specific strategy?
    • If so what is it?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each character?

I do not own this game but I just want to see if my questions can be answered. Since I don't own the game nor have every played it I'm asking questions like someone who was interested would want to know. This wiki is barren and could use help so I hope my questions can give you a jump start on pages you could open, what could be added, what sort of information do you need. Etc etc

And I really would like my questions answered, it might be a game to get if it sounds really really good.

For the Bayonetta wiki we have a pages for most things:

  1. Characters; details gleaned from dialogue, gameplay, notes and other sources.
  1. The enemies are separated by classes, sections and all attached to a main hub for general information.
  1. Locations listed down, its very general information but its all taken from the gameplay and notes.
  2. Weapons
  3. Collectibles
  4. Walkthroughs
  5. Pages for specific backstory pieces
  6. Achievement/Trophy list and guide
  7. Gameplay mechanics

Think of a questions someone might ask then make a page for it or find info on it. Bayonetta may have had a large fanbase but all the information was combed thoroughly so that everything is correct. Things are still being fixed up and edited even now (this is excluding info about the sequel).

I'll try my best to help you with information but videos don't always give much. Its relying a lot on actually having the game.

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