Hey everyone! Shadow here, and in this blog, i want to say that, i am astonished over the lack of work here. In fact, when i found this wiki for the first time, my expression was O_O. However, i want to say that i'm now bent on working hard for the sake of this wiki. Anarchy Reigns is a game that really deserves more attention. It's a way better game than those copypasta Call of Duty games.

I also find this wiki to lack standards. There should really be standards to how the pages should be made. There should also be pages off non- playable enemies and bosses. Cthulu would be a good addision. I also think that there should be pages of disasters that can occure in online multiplayer (online multiplayer is also a part of the game that isn't written about enough on this wiki).

There should also be more info on the varying character's stories in both the two campaigns of Anarchy Reigns, and more info on the characters returning from MadWorld. Info on their Killer Weapons (as well as a page that explains what Killer Weapons are) and moves would also be a good thing.

More categories and templates would be a good addision.

Also, is active Admins too much to ask for?

Finally, i would like a Chat function.

This as been ShadowPirateX, just making some requests.

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