Anarchy Reigns - Zero
"Demons live within these blades!"




Human/Poison element




1,97 m / 6'5


152 Kg. / 335 lbs.

Killer Weapon

Onimaru & Juzumaru

Zero (零点 Reiten) is a ninja-esque human combatant in Anarchy Reigns. Zero is a human ninja that wields twin katanas - Onimaru and Juzumaru - a pair of authentic japanese blades built for the wielder to carry on their back. The swords are rumored to be part of the "Tenka Goken" blades of myth.

Role in the StoryEdit

Black Side

He made his appearance in the campaign in Hong Long to challenge Jack to a fight in order to collect data from him. After the fight and collecting enough data, he escaped and used this data for his new weapon. Zero came back in Bari Shur with several Gargoyles and his new weapon, Cthulhu, with orders to kill Jack. After Jack destroyed the Cthulhu with the help of Big Bull and Rin Rin, Zero ambushed Jack from behind with his energy kunai right before their battle. Zero lost the fight, remarking that Jack's "super friends" were not a part of his calculations. Jack asked him who gave him the orders to kill him, but instead of giving an answer Zero self-destructed after saying his last words, "I am ashamed."


Zero cares about his honour, and doesn't even say who gave him the orders to kill Jack, with him self-destructing instead. He is also very aloof, prefering to work alone.


Zero's background is shrouded in mystery. It is speculated that he is the descendant of an ancient ninja clan.

Attributes and SkillsEdit

Zero is exceptionally skilled with close range weapons, mainly his twin katanas, and relies heavily on speed and agility. He is also extremely stealthy, preferring tactical ambushed and attacking enemies from behind.


  • "I am ashamed."- Dying words.
  • "A battle rating of eight... no over nine thousand?!" - During the first fight against him
  • "Zero would use you to test my blades!"- Zero's first taunt.
  • "Demons live within these blades!"- Zero's taunt with his visor on.
  • "Huzzah!" Zero's victory chant.


  • Zero was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in the English version and Kazuhiro Nakaya in the Japanese version
  • According to Mathilda, Zero had a bounty of eight thousand on his head
  • During the first fight against him, Zero makes a reference to the famous internet meme "Over 9000"
  • Some of Zero's attacks reference Sai Fung from Bayonetta. Sai Fung was known to have Chinese/Japanese characters appear on the screen when a hit is landed. Zero has the same thing happen in some attacks.


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